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Laurinda Hernandez founder of Calpulli Cemanahuac discovered Aztec Dance in Mexico City in 2012. The first time Laurinda came across with Aztec dance, the sounds coming from the drums and the dance were so powerful and overwhelming that it created an extraordinary feeling in Laurinda’s heart; this experience propelled her to found Calpulli Cemanahuac Aztec Dance project in Vancouver.

“Aztec Dance is an offering, a ritual. When dancers perform they connect their bodies and minds to the sun, the moon, the starts and the earth. The dance tough and performed by Calpulli Cemanahuac also aims to be therapeutic”.

Laurinda and Calpulli Cemanahuac will be joining us on our 2022 signature event Mictlan.

Watch the full interview here with Laurinda, where she tells us more about Aztec dance.

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