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Fundraiser 2020

Hola amig@s,

As you know arts and artists are struggling during this Covid19 pandemic since our work depends on live performances. 

We are asking for your help to raise $10,000 dls to continue with our work, we are exploring other options as well, however our work doesn’t fit withing the clearly definition of unemployment.

You can donate to:

Nahualli GoFundMe Campaign 2020


Etransfer to:

Nahualli Folklore Society is a registered non-profit dance organization established in Vancouver, B.C. Canada since 2010.  For 10 years we have shared Mexican Dance in Vancouver,  Canada.

This year we celebrate our 10th Anniversary and we had plans to celebrate with all of you all year round. However, our 2020 performance season, which normally runs from April to September, has been cancelled due to Covid19. Hence, this year we will not have the opportunity to raise these much  needed  funds to continue the work we do in our communities.


-Dance Studio Rental Payment
-Dance School logistics expenses
-Dance Development Opportunities (research, creation, production)
-Annual Dance Production
-Visiting Dance Artist Program to Advance Mexican Dance in Vancouver, Canada
-Professional Skills Development
-Costumes’ design and manufacture
-Web hosting, Video-Photo production

For more information please visit:

Our fundraising team is committed to transparency, integrity and honesty. Every dollar will be spent 100 % in this project. We will update you on our website on how we are spending these funds.

Gracias/Thank you

Luis Garcia
Nahualli Folklore Society

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