Traditional Mexican Dance is comprised of several dance techniques, Nahualli Folklore Society’s Dance School focuses on:

  • Foot-work technique
  • Body-positioning
  • Skirt-twirling, and
  • Mexican-Dance-Styles.

We are dedicated to training our students to excel while providing a fun, family-friendly, professional atmosphere. We strive to inspire a love of Mexican dance in all our students.




Tres – Discovering Mexican Dance

Our dance training begins during Rehearsal Season, which usually starts in October and continues until February. Five months of intense dance work to prepare the mind, the body, the arms and the feet.

In every rehearsal season, we explore and learn body-alignment and positioning, foot-work techniques, skirt-twirling techniques as well as steps from dances from different geographic regions of Mexico and from different periods of Mexican history (Pre-Columbian, Colonial, Post-Independence, Pre-Revolutionary, Post-Revolutionary and Contemporary).

Dos – Choreography

From March until May, we prepare Dance Choreography and Dance Staging. Constantly, we focus on team work and individual progress.

At this stage of our teaching methodology, we review Mexican-Dance-Styles with special attention to details (body positioning, use of props, skirt twirling style, etc).

Uno – Performance

Performance Season runs from June until September. We usually have a busy performance schedule dancing all around the Vancouver Mainland (Vancouver Downtown, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Surrey, Langley and more).