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Our commitment

Our commitment to innovation is part of our Values and we constantly think about how to improve and expand our dance repertoire, our costumes and dance techniques.

In February of this year we had the privilege to be part of a full two-day training class delivered by Fabian Tejeda founder of Bailarin de Son Jarocho, he was flown from Mexico by our Society. Fabian has extraordinary dance skills in the realm of Mexican Dance and he specializes in Veracruz dances (Veracruz Sotavento and Veracruz Tradicional).

The month of February in Vancouver is definitely cold and Fabian found it particularly so, but that did not stop him from delivering a magnificent dance workshop to our dancers and choreographers. While in Vancouver, we took Fabian around and we made him feel at home.

After class we had the honor of visiting with Fabian and exchanging knowledge regarding the present state of the Mexican dance within Mexico and in Canada. We also had lots of fun touring him around The North Vancouver Quay, Stanley Park, The New Westminster Quay, The Vancouver Downtown and many other places.

We strongly recommend you to follow our new friend Fabian on Facebook under Bailarin de Son Jarocho, there you will find out more about his extraordinary work in Mexico. We are certain this is just the beginning of a great friendship and more…. stay tuned.

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