Diversity and Community

Nahualli Folklore Society is a Dance registered Non-Profit Organization established in Vancouver B.C. Canada since 2010. The name Nahualli (Nah-Wall-e) originates from an indigenous language of Mexico called Nahuatl (Nah-Wah-til). It signifies an Animal Spirit or a Transforming Power that protects and guides each person from the moment of birth. Since 2010 our mandate has been To Build Diversity and Community Through […]

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2019 Dance Season

2019 Dance Season “Transforming power on stage” We are very excited to announce our 2019 Mexican Dance Season. Rehearsal is every Monday (6:30–8:30 pm), we gather and practice to the sounds of traditional Mexican music. 2018 dance season was spectacular and we continue training non-stop and preparing new dances for our shows to celebrate the […]

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