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Chela Tumbao will be joining us on Oct 25th at our Day of the Dead.

Born in Mexico city, Chela Tumbao is a professional singer living in Vancouver since 2019. Chela Tumbao studied singing and history of Mexican Music at the National School of Music in Mexico city. With over 20 years of singing experience, Chela Tumbao has developed an extraordinary vocal style.

Chela Tumbao has an extensive repertoire of Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Mariachi and Banda music. Chela Tumbao freely expresses her feelings with her powerful voice using a never-ending spectrum of colors, sounds and nuances.

Chela Tumbao has performed with Nahualli 2020. Furthermore, she has shared the stage multiple occasions with Nahualli – Mexican Dance at events like Surrey Fusion Festival, Carnaval del Sol and The Fair at the Pacific National Exhibition.


Visit Chela Tumbao Official page here, Youtube.

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