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Support Nahualli

Nahualli Folklore Society is a non-profit cultural organization, and as such we need and value donations and support from our community and followers.


Etransfer to:

Nahualli Folklore Society is a registered non-profit dance organization established in Vancouver, B.C. Canada since 2010.  For almost 15 years we have shared Mexican Dance in Vancouver,  Canada.


-Dance Studio Rental Payment
-Dance School logistics expenses
-Dance Development Opportunities (research, creation, production)
-Annual Dance Production
-Visiting Dance Artist Program to Advance Mexican Dance in Vancouver, Canada
-Professional Skills Development
-Costumes’ design and manufacture
-Web hosting, Video-Photo production

For more information please visit:

Our fundraising team is committed to transparency, integrity and honesty. Every dollar will be spent 100% in this project. We will update you on our website on how we are spending these funds.

Gracias/Thank you

Luis Garcia
Nahualli Folklore Society

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