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Experience Mexico's sounds and dances.

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About Nahualli

Nahualli (Nah-Wall-e) Folklore Society is a registered non-profit organization established in Vancouver, B.C. Canada since 2010. Our mission is to represent and share Mexican Culture through the art of dance. 

The name "Nahualli" (Nah-Wall-e) derives from Nahuatl (Nah-Wah-til), an indigenous language of Mexico. It symbolizes an animal spirit or transformative force that safeguards and leads each individual from the instant of birth.

Nahualli specializes in Traditional Mexican Dance, encompassing "zapateado" techniques and skirt twirling, harmoniously blending them with Mexico's most beloved rhythms such as El Son, El Huapango, La Música Ranchera, Banda, Indigenous music, and numerous others.



By Nahualli Folklore Society | Aug 1, 2023

Step into a world where life and death intertwine, where the beauty of existence and the memories of those who came before us come alive through the art of dance. Witness the power and resilience of the human spirit as our talented performers weave a tapestry of movement, emotion, and storytelling.

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By Nahualli Folklore Society | Jul 3, 2023

Chela Tumbao will be joining us on Oct 29th at Xochitl – Day of the Dead. Born in Mexico city, Chela Tumbao is a professional…

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By Nahualli Folklore Society | Jul 1, 2023

Colectivo Yollotl will join us on October 29th at Xochitl-Day of the Dead. Son Jarocho is a genre of folk music and dance that originated…

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The Nahualli Folklore Society is a non-profit cultural organization. Consequently, we rely on and deeply appreciate donations and support from our community and followers.

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Our Core

The force that drives Nahualli


To represent and share Mexican culture through dance.


Building Diversity and Community through dance.


A commitment to Diversity, Innovation, Excellence, Passion, Sustainability and Social Responsibility.


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