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Experience Mexico's sounds and dances through Nahualli Folklore

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About Nahualli Folklore

Nahualli Folklore is a registered non-profit dance organization established in Vancouver, B.C. Canada since 2010.

The name Nahualli (Nah-Wall-e) originates from an indigenous language of Mexico called Nahuatl (Nah-Wah-til). It signifies an animal spirit or transforming power that protects and guides each person from moment of birth.

Nahualli specializes in the performance of Traditional Mexican Dance, zapateado techniques and skirt twirling combined with Mexico's most popular rhythms of El Son, El Huapango, La Música Ranchera, Banda, Indigenous music and many others.

News & Blog

Fundraiser 2020

By Nahualli Folklore Society | May 25, 2020

Hola amig@s, As you know arts and artists are also struggling during this Covid19 pandemic since our work depends on live performances.  We are asking for…

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Virtual Live-Video performances

By Nahualli Folklore Society | May 25, 2020

Sadly our dance season 2020 has been canceled due to #Covid19; however we have created a new project: Nahualli Live-Video series, 10 short performances around…

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Mexican Dance keeps us connected.

By Nahualli Folklore Society | Apr 13, 2020

Discipline, love for dance, friendship, dedication. These are just some of the words which certainly describe what Nahualli dancers have being doing for the past…

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Nahualli Folklore is a non-profit cultural organization and as such we need and value donations and support from our community and followers

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Our Core

The force that drives Nahualli


To represent and share Mexican culture through dance


Building Diversity and Community through dance


A commitment to Innovation, Excellence, Passion, Sustainability and Social Responsibility


The team behind Nahualli

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Jose Luis Garcia Mendez



Isabel Arenas

Board Director

Contact Nahualli Traditional Mexican Dance Folklore Show Vancouver BC Canada

Blanca Zapata


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7757 Edmonds St.
Burnaby, BC

Monday-Friday: 9am - 5pm

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